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Dentures are dental appliances custom made to replace some or all missing teeth in the mouth.

Dentures can be used to replace one missing tooth using a single tooth denture or all missing teeth using full dentures.

Traditional dentures are removable. But with the advent of newer techniques, it is now possible to retain them in the mouth using copings or dental implants. These advancements have been reported to provide much improved patient satisfaction, comfort and confidence.

Dentures Clinic Epping

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Dentures improve:

dentures improve Epping

However, like any other appliance, dentures need to be cleaned and maintained regularly.

The procedure may require multiple visits typically but can vary case to case.

Denture treatment appointments:

These appointments can increase or decrease depending upon each case.

Types of Dentures

There are many types of dentures depending on which teeth they are replacing or the material they are constructed from. Dentures replacing a few teeth are called partial dentures and dentures replacing all missing teeth in the mouth are called complete dentures. Dentures are generally made from a pink material, that is either a flexible material and ir from a cast metal.
Cast metal dentures have shown the highest percentage of longevity and patient satisfaction compared to any other material, according to several studies. Cast metal dentures, generally called CPD, have much stronger, easier to keep clean and give an additional advantage of a natural feeling of hot and cold food items in the mouth. This natural proprioception is normally not seen with patients who use flexible or pink dentures. All the patient has to do is visit their dentist whenever called and after receiving their dentures all they need to do is keep them clean and follow the doctor’s instructions. This way they can continue living a healthy, fulfilling life.

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