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Maximise Your Smile with “Use It or Lose It” Dental Benefits 

As we embrace the final chapters of the year, let’s chat about something that often slips through the cracks amidst the festive hustle and bustle. Your dental benefits. The countdown to the expiry of these amazing assets has begun, and it’s crucial to understand what they’re all about and make optimal use of them before the calendar resets.

What are Dental Benefits?

Dental benefits, often bundled in dental insurance or dental plans, are essentially an agreement between you and your insurance provider. You agree to a regular premium, and they commit to covering specified oral care expenses, up to a certain amount, to ensure that your radiant smile remains unaffected by financial concerns. This can cover anything from your average twice-a-year dental check-up to specialised dental treatments. So when do these benefits run out?

When Do Your Dental Benefits Expire?

Here’s the kicker – dental benefit plans typically operate on a “use it or lose it” basis. This means as the calendar year rolls from December to January, unused benefits don’t hop along for the ride. So, if you’ve been postponing that check-up, delay no more!

Why You Should Use Your Dental Benefits

Preventative dental care should always be at the forefront of your mind, not only to safeguard your dazzling smile but also to avoid dental issues from escalating into serious conditions. Regular dental check-ups ensure that potential problems are nipped in the bud, saving you from complex dental treatment, pain, and additional dental fees in the future. Essentially, utilising your benefits now means safeguarding your oral health and your pocket in the long run!

Allowing your dental benefits to disappear unused essentially equates to throwing away money that is allocated to safeguarding your health. It’s not merely about saving money in the present but avoiding any potentially steep costs in the future related to complex dental treatments that can emerge due to bad oral care. 

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Flexible Payment Plans

If you’re concerned about costs we offer a range of payment plans to help out. Not only do we support the Child Dental Benefits Schedule through Medicare but also accept all healthcare funds and are preferred providers with HCF, Frank Health, and CBHS. We’re passionately dedicated to ensuring that budget constraints do not inhibit access to essential and preventative dental services.

We’re all about personalised care, and we understand and respect your unique needs, wants, and budget. That’s why we are here to work with you, and for you, to ascertain a plan that aligns with your financial comfort while ensuring your dental health does not take a backseat.

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Secure Your Smile Now and Take Advantage of Your Dental Benefits Now

The new year is approaching and our dental benefits are on the cusp of saying their goodbyes. Utilise them wisely, prioritise your dental health, and ensure that your investments in your dental insurance plans are maximised. Secure your smile, enhance your confidence, and step into the new year with the best version of you – all while making savvy use of your dental benefits. It’s a win-win!

At Aurora Epping Dental – serving with pride as the best dentist in Epping, we are the top providers of personalised, compassionate dental care in Wollert, Victoria. For years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to bringing smiles to our local community, with a promise of unparalleled, tailored care, delivered with a genuine, human touch. We know that dental visits can evoke a bit of apprehension and unease, which is why we go the extra mile to ease your fears, offering our 100% dedication to your care.

The clock is ticking, but your trusted team here is ready to help you maximise those benefits and maintain that gleaming smile. Give us a ring at (03) 9999 1203 or visit our website, and let’s ensure that your dental benefits are put to great use, for a future where every smile of yours shines brightest!